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Chick Drinker
Chick Feeder
Chick Feeder Tray
8 Kg Feeder
Jumbo Feeder
Classic Drinker
Mini Classic Drinker
New Jumbo Drinker
Deluxe Hi-Doom Drinker
Female Feeder
Male Feeder
Egg tray
Cage Mat
Nipple Drinker
Gas Brooder
Flame Gun
De-Feathering Machine

Future Product
Quality Control & R and D


Few names of our clients are mentioned below :

M/s. Venkateshwara Hatcheries Private Ltd  -  Pune, Maharashtra
M/s.  Suguna Poultry Farm Ltd - Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
M/s. Charoen Pokphand (I)  Pvt Ltd         - Bangalore, Karnataka
M/s. Pioneer Poultry Group    - Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
M/s. Amrit Hatcheries  (P) Ltd - Kolkata, West Bengal
M/s. Khadkeshwar Hatcheries  (P) Ltd - Aurangabad, Maharashtra
M/s. Sri Lotus feeds and farms  (P) Ltd        - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
M/s. Kegg Farms    - New Delhi
M/s. Sujay Feeds - Bangalore, Karnataka
M/s. Nutri Feeds and Farms Pvt Ltd - Bangalore, Karnataka
M/s. Sandur Hatcheries Pvt Ltd - Sandur, Karnataka
M/s. Selvam Broilers  - Salem, Tamilnadu
M/s. Life Line Feeds and Farms Pvt Ltd     - Chikmagalur, Karnataka
M/s. Souza Hatcheries      - Mangalore, Karnataka
M/s. Anand Hatcheries   - Nasik, Maharashtra


M/s. Kazi Farms Group - Bangladesh
M/s. Mondal Agro Industries Ltd - Bangladesh
M/s. Bairaha Farms    - Sri Lanka
M/s. Ceylon Grain Elevators - Sri Lanka
M/s. Asian Trading Corporation    - Sri Lanka
M/s. Anirita Poultry Farm Ltd   - Nairobi, Kenya
M/s. Farm Support Services Ltd   - Nigeria
M/s. Montajat Vet Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd - Nepal
M/s. Muscat Pharmacy and Stores L.L.C. - Muscat
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