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About Us

Company Profile
Kanaga Poultry Service is one of the largest and most well-known manufacturers of poultry equipments since 1990 and the marketers of premium branded poultry equipments in the Indian Poultry industry. The Bangalore – Karnataka based company has generated 25% market share in poultry equipments in India.    The Kanaga group adapts to the latest concept of Environment Controlled Houses in the Poultry industry.  We are also specialized in manufacturing of Poultry Layer Cages, Chick Cages, Breeder for both Broiler and Layer, Nipple Drinking System.                             

Paying attention
Kanaga Poultry Service, as a company, focuses on two very powerful business trends.  The first is “Quality” and the second is the “After Sales Service” on the company side.  Our company is uniquely positioned and given its portfolios and the core competencies of the total company, the capitalize of our two powerful business trends. 

Blending in
Our Managing Director Lion.C.Saravanan has provided his perspective on how the company has been doing since its most recent acquisitions. According to Lion.C.Saravanan, there has been a positive and immediate response to the company's changes in programming and increases in investment in the brands.  Today Kanaga enjoys a Lions share in installation of durable, sturdy and quality Poultry Equipments. 

Future Plans
We are going to place our best on our ability to think more clearly about our customer needs, and we hope that our platform of innovation and thought leadership will ultimately be differentiating and presumably lead us to greater market success than we enjoy today. 

Kanaga offers top quality equipments at very affordable rates exporting to countries by means of relevant and high technology production facilities, efficient and modern tools, professional knowledge, strong organization, wide distributor’s network.

  • Cost Saving
  • Can be changed to any latest developed assembly
  • World class micro processor machines, Robos
  • Complete automization in near future

The Kanaga team embraces a set of common values:   

  • Integrity and honesty with everyone
  • Hard work in the pursuit of quality and excellence
  • Diversity and cooperation across International boundaries
  • Cross functional teamwork to solve problems
  • Stewardship and welfare of our farmers and the environment
  • Confidence in the performance of our equipments
  • Passion about listening to and serving our customers
  • Innovation and creativity in everything we do
  • Resilience and resourcefulness
  • By embracing these values, we believe that we foster a vibrant, engaging environment for our customers to flourish and grow in our business relationship.
  • To give the poultry equipments at par with the latest performance.
  • To match the technical update of the Poultry industry.
  • To minimize the investment to the farmer with high efficient equipments.
  • To maximize the performance  with higher utilization of feed and water.
  • To be convenient for birds and the farmer with user-friendly design and simple accessories well planned by our R & D   


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